If you want to pass sensitive test data like passwords to the test runner, use DATASETs to setup secret test data instead of writing it into your test script. 

Secret test data will only be known to you, and will be masked in the test reports.

Here's an example, using this test to sign up for GitHub:

1. Use DATA.  variables for the access credentials which we want to replace using the datasets

I.click("Sign up")
I.see("Join GitHub")
I.fill("Username", DATA.username) // to be replaced with dataset
I.fill("Email", DATA.email) // to be replaced with dataset
I.fill("Password", DATA.password) // to be replaced with dataset
I.click("Create an account")

2. Click on "Add Dataset" in the Run toolbar

3. Set the values for your DATA.  variables in the Dataset. Remember to change the password data from Public to Secret. Save the dataset when you are done.

4. Finally, select the dataset and run your tests.

As you can see in the report, the access credentials have been taken from the "Bruce Wayne" dataset, and the value of password has been masked because it is a secret test data.

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