What is the "Refer-a-friend" program?

For every friend that you invite to Uilicious, and convert into a paying customer with any plan. Both you and your friend will get US$100 of credits off both you and your friends next bill.

How do I refer a friend?

Talk to them, help them with their testing problems, and get them to convert into a paying customer. 

Submit their email address onto the form at the following link

How much credits can I receive in total?

You can receive up to a sum of US$2,000 credits 😉

How many friends can I refer to Uilicious?

For as many as you like! Just refresh the link and submit again 😊

What happens if my friend sign up using a different email, instead of the one I submitted?

No worries, just fill in the form again with the new email.

What if my friend converted before I submit the form?

No worries, as long as they converted after 30th April 2019, you let us know within 30 days of conversion, and no other friend has claimed it. We will still reward you and your friend the credits 😃

What happens if another friend and I refer our friend to Uilicious?

Well.. when that happens, the first person to submit the form will receive the credits 😏

What can I do with this US$100?

This US$100 can be used to pay for your subscription! The more friends you convert, the more credits you will receive! 

That means that if 6 of your friends subscribed to Uilicious, you can get the annual BASIC plan for free.

Happy Testing 🖖🚀

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