This is only available to existing UI-licious customers.

We're launching UI-licious Teams soon, and we'd love to show you a preview of the upcoming features and hear what you think about how it fits into your team's workflow today, and as it grows in the future.

What we envision for UI-licious isn’t simply to just be more robust and powerful tool for your testers, but to also be a communication tool to help your entire product team, including design and marketing, to express and simulate user journeys, and to validate and communicate about changes and defects in these journeys. 

Some of the upcoming features include:

  • Limit access based on roles, e.g. Reporters may view reports only
  • Share projects, jobs, and dataset between team members
  • Annotate and comment on reports (in Oct/Nov)

The Release Preview is available from 9th - 15th Oct 2019.

If you are interested joining the program, just chat with us to indicate your interest!


How many team members can I invite?

If you are on the Starter tier, you may add up to 5 members (including yourself) to your team.

If you are on the Pro tier, you may add up to 10 members (including yourself) to your team.

If you are on the Pro Plus tier, you may add up to 20 members (including yourself) to your team.

I'm interested in the Teams edition, how much will it cost after the Release Preview?

Please see our current Plans and Pricing

For the next 60 days, existing customers are eligible for 1-year 25% discount on all plans. Let us know if you are interested to purchase the Team edition.

What happens after the Release Preview if I don't want to purchase the Team edition?

After 15th Oct, your team size will be reset back to 1, and any member of your team that you've invited will not longer be able to access your projects.

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